About The Artist

Nadia Bulabula Contemporary Artist

Born in Parma on 18/05/1989 of Italian-Congolese origins, Nadia from an early age has an innate interest in the representational activities. She devotes her free time in her adolescence to the creation of pencil portraits, comics and reproductions of various Japanese authors.
During her Erasmus period, in Montpellier in 2015 where Nadia begins to direct her interest in painting.

"Engineer by Day, Painter by Night": it is in 2019 that Nadia decides to devote herself for passion to the activity of painter. The "Bula Squared Art" project has as its ultimate goal the realization: the realization of works that speak of its flow with life.
The use of brightly colored colors that have nothing to do with reality, the colors of the skin messed up as well as the fading into particles bring together scientific training in what Nadia defines as the painting of the soul where nothing is created, nothing is created destroys, everything transforms.

I started drawing and falling in love with the power of colors since I was 5 years old. Painting literally freed my soul, I could not conceive a life without this possibility of expressing myself.  
I usually look for black and white picture and then i try to imagine the colours in a new way. Usually this way has nothing to deal with the reality of the colours one could imagine.  I believe in Universal event flow.. We are all one and all connected, our soul is everywhere  and merges with the surroundings. Pieces of us are in the hearts of people we loved and are left in the places we visit.
Reality is just a way most of people use to perceive the world, but Scientist are not always able to explain where does our soul, our thoughts come from.. I am also a scientist and i can see the divine and infinite power of art and perfection below everything I observe. 
My paintings creates new perspectives  for those who want to see beyond the magic of reality.